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DO you want to fan the flames of passion? Then why not invest in some gorgeous, sexy underwear and add a little spice to your relationship. He’ll find you irresistible.

Treating yourself to some luxurious lingerie will not only make you feel more alluring but will also boost your confidence when it comes to seducing your man of the moment.

“That old adage that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is long gone, says relationship counsellor Jackie Fern: “Serving up pie and mash is not going to fuel the fires of romance, but setting the scene with perfumed candles, soft lighting and sensually peeling off layers of clothing to reveal a sexy basque or glamorous bra and undies will. Men like visual stimulation.”

So if your underwear drawer if full of big, comfy knickers then take stock now. Splashing out on a satin and silk undies will not only make you feel a million dollars it is a sure fire way to pep up your love life.

Dressing to undress will also create a steamy frisson between you and your partner, as only you and he will know what you’re wearing beneath your clothes.

MAKE HER FEEL SPECIAL FORGET chocolates and flowers – if you want to pep up your love life and earn some serious brownie points from the woman in your life, then splash out on some sexy lingerie. And that doesn’t mean popping down to the local Ann Summer. If you truly want to impress to get her to undress, then it’s worth doing your homework.

“Nothing will put a woman in the mood for romance more than an exquisitely wrapped box of lacy basques, sexy undies or glamorous brassieres, says lingerie expert, Julia Haythorn: “But shopping around for the ideal lingerie gift can be intimidating for men who are not used to shopping in such a feminine environment.

“Buying something that your partner will actually wear and won’t feel offended by is key, adds Haythorn: “Just because you adore red, skimpy thongs doesn’t necessarily mean it’s to your partners taste. Ask the question – is she a romantic with old-fashion values? Or is she impulsive and willing to experiment? Does she like the feel of soft fabrics against her skin or enjoy dressing up in raunchy leather. Your partner’s taste in underwear should be a priority, rather than your own personal wish-list.”

“Size is another hot spot, warns Haythorn: ”If you buy her something too small she may be delighted, something too big and she will feel fat. If you’re not sure of her size, then write down all the sizes in her drawer and ask a lingerie saleswoman to help.

“Always learn from your mistakes and keep the receipt in case she wants to return it. If she says she likes it but never wears it, it clearly doesn’t float her boat! Try asking her what she doesn’t like about it and have another go. She’ll love the fact you are making an effort to buy her something she truly wants.”
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